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We want to take a minute to share with you that we have decided to close Runaway Belle. 7 years ago Natalie and I started on this adventure in hopes to have fun, create and craft and build and dream! We thought that it would be a little hobby to pass the time when we weren’t busy. Little did we know how quickly things would grow and change! Our little hobby became a full time job! 


For those that may not know, our name Runaway Belle comes from a favorite movie Runaway Bride mixed with another favorite Belle Starr, the famous Oklahoma outlaw known to hide out around Eufaula. Our very first post was a photo taken at Lake Eufaula in July of 2017. We wanted our sofas and chairs to be graceful and elegant just like their namesakes. Some of our favorite pieces are named after our own grandmothers, Ethel Asche and Loretta Johanna. 


We spent hours and hours constructing backdrops, sanding and painting, learning how to use heavy machinery and tools and creating! We loaded our trailer down and we drove all of Oklahoma! What crazy times we had! We laughed a lot and even cried a time or two! Especially when I left our trailer keys at home before a show or when I got a giant uhaul truck stuck in the mud! We learned more than we ever thought possible, met some amazing clients and friendors, and had so many wonderful experiences along the way! THANK YOU to each of you who have supported and shared in our little business! For you, we are forever grateful! We hope that you enjoyed your parties, showers, weddings and photographs with a little piece of Runaway Belle in the background. We hope that your memories and photos will be thought of fondly. 


In this next chapter of life, we plan to soak up more time with all of our little blessings! We wish you all the very best! May God bless you and yours!

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