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Natalie Gordon


I am happily married to my high school sweetheart Ray and we have two beautiful children, Lacey and Allie .  I have been in the decorating business for 20+ years.  I have a passion for vintage items for I feel that they are a piece of the past that tells a unique story.  I love helping others see vintage furniture in a new light and my desire is to create the most memorable event possible.  Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping friends and family plan special events, and I believe that is what inspired me to want to make it into a business.

Kacey and I met several years ago when she was my daughter's cheer coach and mentor.  I love her creative spirit and the way she always leads by example.  She truly was a blessing to my daughter.  As my daughter changed and grew into a beautiful young lady, I truly believe Kacey made a big impact in her life by being a positive role model.  I knew then Kacey was a person I would love to work with and we would make a great team.  

Kacey Burnett 


I love to entertain! I also enjoy planning and decorating for events!  Even as a little girl, I could not wait to set the table for my grandmother Loretta before our family dinners! She has taught me so much about the art of hospitality and I am forever grateful.  

My love for antiques and collectibles came from my parents influence at a very young age.  They are collectors at heart and instilled in me a passion for all things vintage and unique.  As a family we would spend almost every Saturday going "junking" at swap meets and flea markets!  My mother taught me to pay attention to detail and that with a little or even a lot of extra work you can achieve anything. 

I met Natalie several years ago when her daughter became a member of the team that I was coaching.  I learned very quickly that she is a dedicated, hard working and spunky parent volunteer!  She is dependable and always willing to lend a creative hand!  When Natalie approached me about starting a rental business, I knew instantly that it would be a successful partnership!

I want to say a BIG thank you to my husband, Scott, for his love and encouragement! He knows to just smile and look the other way when I drag home new "treasures"!  I love you with all of my heart! You, Destri, and Andrew are my pride and JOY!

At Runaway Belle we promise to offer you authentic, vintage furniture, props, and accessories. We are excited and honored to help you create the most memorable event.  Our inventory will constantly grow to stay ahead of the trend.  Our goal is to be different, to be original.

Who's Behind Runaway Belle Vintage Rentals?

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